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How to Use a Generator?

How to Use a Generator?
Having a generator on hand during a power outage can make life a whole lot easier and can be a life-saver for those who require electricity for medical reasons. While a portable generator will not power your entire house, it can provide enough electricity to make life bearable, even comfortable, until power is restored.
1. Determine which items you consider essential to have access to during a power outage. Consider such items as refrigerator, microwave, air conditioner or fans, lights and other small appliances as well as medical devices such as oxygen machines. Determine the wattage you will need to power the items you wish to access simultaneously. These are called running watts. This will determine the size of generator needed. For example, a 6000 running watt generator will power a refrigerator, microwave and a few household items.
2. Place your generator outside in an open area. It should be located away from doors or windows to prevent carbon monoxide from entering your home. Make sure the area is dry. If using during rainy weather, place it under a canopy or other covering. Consider that generators create a lot of noise. You may want to experiment with different locations. Most portable generators have wheels and are easily moved.
3. Follow manufacturers' instructions for recommended fuel and oil and for starting and running instructions. A typical 6,000 watt generator will hold 8-10 gallons (30.24 - 37.80 liters) of fuel and will run for approximately 10 hours.
4. Plug appliances and other items into generator using a heavy-duty outdoor extension cord that is grounded. You can then plug a power-strip into the extension cord indoors.

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