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How To Maintain Your Diesel Generator Set?

How To Maintain Your Diesel Generator Set?
A diesel generator is durable, reliable and sturdy, which make them ideal to run for continuous hours as a power supply source, as either a standby power supply or during emergency power needs. A generator set can withstand a heavy load for prolonged periods of time, providing you with the security that you need.
Diesel generator sets used for either prime or backup (emergency) power, which must be regularly maintained to ensure they provide quality power throughout their service life. Just like any other piece of equipment, a diesel engine requires proper maintenance for a longer life and sustained working. It is therefore recommended to take out an annual maintenance contract, with a reliable generator service provider to ensure regular preventative maintenance. There are some preventative maintenance tips:
1. Engine running tests
The engine in your diesel generator set will be placed under intense stress owing to the load. Routine tests are essential to keep the engine lubricated, which prevents the oxidation of the electrical parts as well as use of the fuel without letting it deteriorate. These engine tests ensure that your generator starts promptly without any hitches.
2. Battery testing
Batteries must be kept fully charged and well maintained to sidestep deterioration. Inspection and constant testing is vital to know the current status of your batteries to avoid any start-up problems of the diesel generator. Another important element of battery maintenance is to keep them clean.
3. Fuel system
The fuel filter needs to be drained at frequent intervals to allow the water vapour and dust to be drained off from the reservoir. It is advised that your change your fuel every six to twelve months, to avoid the fuel degrading and becoming contaminated. If you are storing diesel fuel for prolonged periods of time, especially for critical applications, it's vital that you take appropriate measures to preserve your fuel quality. Modern diesel blends with bio-diesel content, it can start to deteriorate within 6 months of delivery. The threat of contaminated diesel fuel poses risk to power in critical applications and is something that should be maintained to prolong the life of your generator.
4. Cooling system
The level of coolant must be constantly checked. After shutting down the engine, it is advised that you remove the radiator cap for the engine to cool down. The exterior of the coolant must be inspected for any form of obstruction, dirt or grime.
5. Lubrication service
Engine oil must be checked whilst the generator set is being shut down at regular intervals. In addition to this the oil and filter must also be changed at the recommended timed intervals. A key element to consider is the environmental hazards, which is why the disposal has to be done appropriately to avoid environmental hazards.
6. General Inspection
Throughout the running of the diesel generator, it is important to monitor the exhaust system, fuel system, DC electrical system and engine. Any visible leaks must be fixed to prevent any occurrences of hazards.
Though preventative generator service and maintenance tips can help to keep the engine of your diesel generator working efficiently and can prolong the life of your generator, it can also cut down the running costs of equipment and repairs.

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